Stokke suppliers in Johannesburg

Stokke TrippTrapp Chair

When it comes to quality baby furniture that is not only durable but modern too, Stokke is one of the leading brands around the world. Baby Furniture Direct is proud to be one of the Stokke suppliers in Johannesburg. We offer a variety of their products, in multiple styles and colours.

Stokke was founded back in 1932 in Alesund, Norway. Through the years Stokke has designed and manufactured different furniture pieces for a variety of uses and age groups, but has since 2006 moved their focus and expertise to children’s furniture and accessories. With the current CEO Tomas Settevik the brand is quickly gaining major international popularity by utilizing Stokke suppliers in about 50 countries around the world.

Stokke is very focused on the stimulating of both the children’s physical develop...

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Where to shop for the best baby rocking glider chair in South Africa

Baby rocking glider chair

There is nothing that strengthens the bond between parent and baby than time spent together in a baby rocking glider chair. Not only will the rocking motion relax your baby making it much easier for them to fall asleep, but it will also calm you as a parent which is something that your baby will able to sense when in such a close proximity to you. Many parents can tell you that it is much harder to get your baby to fall asleep or drink if you are tense yourself as babies are very sensitive to their surroundings. Quality time does not necessarily mean that you need to spend money on some classes or exercises for you and your baby...

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Baby Furniture Direct Goes Green

Go Green

You can rest assure that by only using great quality paint on our baby furniture, the colour will last and will not yellow or fade away after a few years. It will however guarantee you a lavish look and will be silky smooth to the touch.

Our paint is 100% lead-free, and has a very low Volatile Organic Compound making it the environment’s best friend. You will be able to clean the products without hassle, as it is very durable and is steam and scrub resistant!
Whether you purchase our baby furniture products in a painted colour or even if it is only stained for a more natural look, it will surely last a lifetime.

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Baby Furniture Stores


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Baby Furniture stores have long surpassed the scantily laden shelves of a small and insignificant store with limited stock, incompetent assistants and at the most one full range of baby furniture that you would be pressured into purchasing as it is your only option and you need to furnish the baby room as soon as possible.

The world of baby furniture stores such as at Baby Furniture Direct has undergone a total transformation into warehouse-sized stores filled to the brim with the latest, most innovative and most beautiful designs seen.

At Baby Furniture Direct you will feel the difference as soon as you enter our baby furniture stores, from the minute you are welcomed by one of our friendly a...

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Baby Furniture Designs of today have undergone a total transformation.


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Baby furniture has been around for hundreds of years as the importance of baby’s proper spine development is one of the most important factors in the use for baby furniture.

Baby furniture designs dating back hundreds of years used to be made from wood and animal fur, as these were the only materials that were available to man.  Not saying that these baby furniture designs were necessarily detrimental for baby in any way, but is it not a pleasure to know that baby furniture designs of today have undergone a total transformation?

Baby furniture designs have undergone a pattern shift through the ages in the following ways:

  • Although one of the most popular materials used is still wood, this wo...
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Baby Cot Furniture Sets

Italian Drop Side

Phone our team at Baby Furniture Direct at 0 for our extensive range of baby cot furniture sets available

Baby Furniture Direct has become one of South Africa’s largest manufacturers of baby cot furniture sets as well as being superior providers and dealers of all types of international and well-known Stokke baby cot furniture sets. We pride ourselves on only providing the best quality service as we have built up and maintained our good reputation for many years.

Within our range of baby cot furniture sets we offer Carry-all’s, Eve cots, French Sleigh cots, Italian drop side cots, Jada compactums, Moses cradles, Neptune compactums, rocking gliders, sleigh compactums, sleigh compactum trays and sleigh drop sides. We also sell table/chair combinations.

The reason why we at Bab...

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Wooden Baby Furniture

Planning the nursery can be a very overwhelming task for first time parents. Most new mothers find it very exciting to plan the nursery for their babies. It is also a great opportunity to spend some quality time together. In the excitement, you should not buy ill-fitting furniture and shoot up your budget. Instead, you should sit with your ideas and needs and plan the components of your baby’s nursery. Baby Furniture Direct is a great place to buy baby strong and durable wooden baby furniture.

Essential nursery furniture 

Common pieces of furniture that you must have in the nursery include a crib, a bassinet, a toy chest, a bookshelf, a dresser, a changing table, a rocking glider, a breastfeeding chair and a stroller...

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Baby furniture designs that you will love

Shopping for a newborn baby can be a tedious as well as a fun filled experience. When you are shopping for your baby’s clothes, toys, and accessories, why not shop for some baby furniture as well. Your baby is very special. You want it to grow up in a happy, healthy, and comfortable manner. So, why not invest some time and money in shopping for some wonderful baby furniture.

stokke1Baby furniture designs available in Johannesburg

You want to have the best furniture for your baby. We want the best for you. We understand the needs of a baby as it grows up. After all, it is about the comfort of your baby. We can help you make your nursery luxurious as well as comfortable for your baby.

If you are looking for some wonderful baby furniture designs in Johannesburg, you ought to visit Baby Furniture D...

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Cheap baby furniture without compromising on quality

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Advantages of better quality baby furniture as opposed to cheap baby furniture.

Baby Rocking ChairYour role as a responsible parent does not begin when baby is born.  On the contrary, it begins as soon as baby is conceived.  And responsibility does not only mean that you have to think of baby’s well-being by taking care of your body, it also means that you must consider baby’s safety during all pre-birth preparations.

There are a few important aspects that you must consider when planning for baby.  Regarding your body and physical preparation, here is what you should do:

  • Eat healthy foods and take supplemental vitamins to prepare your body for what baby will need to grow.
  • Do regular exercises to have health...
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Designer baby furniture for the modern mom & dad

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French Sleigh CotYou want the best for your baby, right?  You will obviously then not to spare any expense when it comes to the baby nursery and all additional details such as clothes, toys, ornaments and bathing products.  You are also more than likely to have a stylish, modern home and would prefer to have your nursery be designed in such a way that it carries through the theme of the interior of the home.

Is it not a pleasure to know that there is a designer baby furniture outlet that imports the best and most reputable brands available?

We at baby Furniture Direct have come to the realization that the need for more modern, hip, exclusive yet affordable baby furniture items and had started to imp...

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